Some newish paintings.


What I’ve been working on in September/October: These are all 12x16 on canvas board. Not my favorite substrate, but I had them for a class I’m taking, so I’m using them up. 

 1. As of yet, Untitled. 
This painting is one that I started some time back…and then painted over. For a class I’m waking right now in landscapes I started it again. The subject is an asequia north of Los Poblanos in Albuquerque, where I was supposed to be doing a training run (rather than, say, taking pictures).

What I like about it: The left side of the ditch, and the reflections in the water. What I don’t like: The color of the ditch. It’s kind of a sick yellow white; I think I was to make it a big pinker. Or, maybe the shadows need to be bluer

2: Oak creek. This is a view of Oak Creek near Sedona, Az, in the spring. What I like about it: The shadow of the trees on the rapid. This was my teacher’s idea, and he painted them on my canvas. I was taken by surprise, as I don’t normally like people painting on my canvases. So I painted out what he did and then repainted it, but the shadows are softer this time. It’s kind of a dark moody scene, and I think I captures that. I might make the sky a little greyer. 

This was just a spur of the moment painting I just started this weekend of the 13th hole at Kahnoi Bay golf course. It’s a little ridiculous to paint a golf course hole. I took some artistic license, however, and made it less smooth. I’m pretty happy with. My waves and the sea.