Things I worked on this winter.


Since I have a giant hand-crafted, counter-weight easel in my living room, I really have lots of opportunities to paint now.  I was sick a lot after December 1, though. So I didn’t get much done. here’s what I have: 

 A small study on canvas paper that I did near Chacala, Mexico.  Sunset was magical there.  Each evening I would hoof it down the beach, and point to the menus, and drink mojitos or margaritas and eating whatever it was I had ordered, which may, or may not, be what I expected. Then I would work my way back up the beach, and do a swim at sunset.  It was AMAZEBALLS.

I painted this using a full box French easel. 

And then, there was this one. 

This is on a medium-sized canvas that I stretched during College Painting 1, and I hated the painting that was on it, so I sanded it and gessoed it and did this one. This is not an original composition. My hubby challenged me to copy a work by another artist, and I answered that challenge. I had fun. Because of this, I dedicated to change my style to be more of a subjective color.  

 Here’s a large painting on a large cradled board, off China Beach near San Francisco. I chose to leave out the Golden Gate Bridge.  Currently in my living room. 

 This is a painting of further up the beach, leaving in Golden Gate Bridge this time. It’s on an 18x24 canvas, and was sold before I finished.