I was raised by a professional artist. This blog is dedicated to Her.

I grew up the daughter of an artist. Although I received little formal instruction from her in art, on rainy days she would sit down with me and teach me some basics, such as proportion. I was a pretty hyper kid, though, and spent most of my childhood in Alabama running around outside and climbing trees.  Occasionally, she could convince me to sit still long enough to model when she taught figure drawing. 

Once, she snapped a picture of me and created a small sculpture, which now sits under an old apple tree in my back yard.

In 1991, when I started college, I took drawing 101, since I had to have an arts credit for graduation. I called my mother excitedly when, at the culmination of the class, the teacher put my work on display in the lobby of the fine arts building, and talked with me about switching to a fine arts major. I was excited. So, I called my mom. 

(It's important to note here that at that time I was a divorcee
with three children under the age of 7, including an infant. )

When I told her, there was a pause. She signed deeply.

 My mother said, Misty, I've seen the men that you date. You need something you can make a living at.

There are those who might think her harsh for this. But honestly, she was right. I was in desperate straights, living in an abandoned house, trying to get a bachelor's degree. And it was when I was working on my master's in Educational Psychology that I met my husband. My interest in art was put on a shelf as I focused on working and raising children.

In 2000 I moved to New Mexico.  I worked as a math and science teacher, and then switched careers and worked in psychiatric research, and then as a therapist in a psychiatric unit. The children grew up, and left home, and started their lives.

One spring day in Albuquerque, I picked up a pencil...then a pen, and soon after, a paintbrush. A few years later I left my job and started a small counseling agency specializing in anxiety disorders. This gave me the freedom to adjust my schedule to receive the instruction that I craved, and to join in paint-outs with other artists.

Living in New Mexico, I hike in the foothills and mountains. Aside from feeding my soul I see incredible views most people never see outside photographs.  These are what inspires me. 

Thank you for letter me share my vision and art with you!

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