From the weekend - I start working in Pen and Ink

 My husband took this picture in Idaho, where he did an ultra run.  I was all, GIVE ME THAT PICTURE!  So he did.  

 Chloe is my part pitt bull, part ridgeback animal.  She has jazz ass, and is nearly impossible to photograph because her tail constantly wags, and it wags so hard, it shakes her whole body.  To draw this, I had to do a photoburst on my iphone to find one picture I could draw.

Graphite on sketchbook paper.

I've been doing some online tutorials, and I think I've found my medium.  Micron Pens on Bristol.

 Pen & Ink sketch, from a tutorial.

 This is from a tutorial on watercolor, which I apparently suck at.  I finally gave up after two tries and did it in pen & ink.

 India ink wash, micron pens, and Bristol.

 This past weekend I played around with pen & ink and watercolor.

I'm not sure if the watercolor should come first, or the ink.

These are all on 140-lb watercolor (strathmore) with cotman watercolors and micron pens.  
 ink first, then watercolor.

watercolor, and then pen & ink.

This was watercolor first, and then pen.