some pen&Ink practice

I've discovered I should NEVER use the blogger app.  It's awful. It wiped out my entire post, just because I clicked away to look at something on another page.

I love landscapes.  As a trail runner in New Mexico, there's a never-ending availability of subjects.  This week, I was trying to draw landscapes with water using pen & ink.

Scene #1 (above): Lake Catherine, an alpine lake about 9500 feet above sea level in the Santa Fe mountains.

What I like about this drawing: I like the overall composition, even though there's not real foreground.  I think it's pretty clear as to the depth. I think the trees look like trees, and the rocks look like rocks.
What I'm not certain about: if I've done a good job representing the water.

Scene #2: Sandy Harbor on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

What I like about this: I like the rocks and the scraggly pine.  I fell in love with these scraggly pines up there.
What I don't like: the last thing I did was try to shade in the water to separate it from the beach, and I ruined it.  It now looks more like sand than the beach does!

It occured to me I was unnecessarily suffering.  Why reinvent the wheel? So I googled

and found a tutorial by Alfonso Dunn.   Extremely helpful.  I like his style, and I'll be checking out his tutorials.