I’m in the mind for a seascape.

 I LOVE San Fran.  It’s damp and chilly even in the summer, which is a nice break from the desert.  

I was looking through my photos for a possible next reference, and came across this fairly uninspiring one: 

There’s lots to like about his composition. The horizon isn’t across the center.  It has a nice diagonal line.

This one went by pretty quickly, actually.  The first lay-in looked like this: 

Fairly close to the reference, but a reference is just a reference. It’s up to the artist to put her own spin on things. 

So, I added more detail to the distant hills.  California hills are pretty smoothly contoured, and of course there’s that golden grass.  I also added detail to the sea and the bridge.

I worked on the sea a bit more and added some more distant details, like distance waves against the south side of the bridge. 


The ipad darkened this photo much more than it is. The colors are closer to the photo above this one. I’ll continue to work on this. PS: This one is SOLD. 

I’m still working on it.  China Beach, 16x20 on canvasboard. I think it will stay in the our house. I love the ocean, and I worked on another recently of a view fro ma golf course we played in Hawaii.