twin falls

 after blocking in most of the areas, I start trying to define elements.

 After defining elements, I star trying to put in shading to indicate a light source. In this case, it was early morning.

 After defining light and form, I decide that the image is too complicated, and I paint out the water gates.  I love that I can do that with anything that seems cluttered or unnecessary. If only life were like that.  I also start working on using value and color to make the lava look like lava, and make the far background more hazy.  Also, I worked on making the waterfall more vigorous.  

 Finally, I better define the waterfall.  I'm still not happy with the rocks to the right, in the midground, that the water is flowing over, but I'm not sure what to do about it.  

"Twin Falls"
20x24, acrylic on canvas