Back to the easel.

 I spent most of December making and selling earrings and cards, and now I'm ready to go back to drawing and painting.

This drawing is just one of a series of line drawings I did for a coloring book I put together.  Most of the pages are scenes from trail races, but this was a special page for a special recipient, my Patrone.

This drawing is from a photograph of a man fly fishing in the Utah wilderness I chose to leave out the fisherman. This was done on cold press watercolor paper, with sepia ink pen.

This started out as watercolor of a view off the La Luz trail, and sepia pen was added to make the mountainside more rugged. This is a departure for me in that I've started playing with negative space, and letting the paper be the highlights.

Finally, as a first in my new resolution to do a daily as well as a journal entry: this is just watercolor on cold press.

I'm really feeling that a combination of pen and ink and watercolor will be me, at least for now.

For the spring I'll be taking my first watercolor class at the art league, and a portrait drawing class as well. I can't wait! I'm stoked!