artsy journaly stuff

I had decided to take a year off art school because I'd been under so much stress, and had so many health issues.  However, I'm feeling GREAT these days--I've had some changes occur in my life that have simultaneously relieved my stress and energized me.  But how to get my mojo back?

First, I looked online for some sources, searching under "art and drawing prompts" to get me back into the flow of creating, and I found this:

I'm pretty excited, in particular, with this course for beginning.  I put together my beginning kit:

 In case you're wondering what's in there other than the immediately visible, it contains the usual drawing supplies (conte pencils, art gum, prismacolor ebony drawing pencils, sharpener, chamois, micro pens) along with:
Derwent watercolor pencils
Couple tubes of Liquitex heavy body
spray bottle
glue stick
W&N water colour markers
scissors, xacto knife, razor
several water brush pens
metal French curve, eraser shield, flexible ruler (from my math teaching days)
prismacolor colored pencils
yes - that is a W&N cotman mini kit.

My journal is a hard-backed watercolor journal, 400 series by Strathmore.  

#1 is a doodle on a napkin.  I doodled a self-portrait.

#2 is self explanatory. I used a combination of Derwent wc pencils, W&N wc markers, and a brush pen.  After it dried, I used colors from my Cotman field box and a toothbrush.


#3 was perhaps the one I most looked forward to doing.  In this exercise involved "SECRET".  I chose to take pictures of my secret, cut them up, make a collage, and paint over them with some Liquitex heavy body paint.  I used titanium white, mixing white, umber, and hunter's green.  

I'm looking forward to exploring this site and all it has to offer.  I've never been a mixed-media person and have always envied people who were.  As time goes buy I hope to become more comfortable in creating this type of art.