random still life assignment

The final painting

So, I started College Painting I.  It is a requirement in nearly every drawing or painting class that at some point you create a composition out of an assemblage of random art objects and render it.  So here we are.

Assignment 1: Paint a still life from a set up in the room, in black and white and shades of grey.  Using Titanium White and Ivory Black.  I cheated a little - I'm sure earlier art students had to figure out the values in gray by eye-balling the set up, but not me.  I have an iPhone.  So, I angled the set up that I wanted, and took a picture, using the phone to change it to b&w.

It turns out that there is another good reason to take a picture, that being that people are just RUDE.  Within an hour of sketching out my picture, people had started coming up and moving things, adding things, taking other things away.  Before the end of class, it looked like this.  

And an hour later, the ice bucket on the far right was gone.  So yeah.  Picture. 

My first pass through was kind of rough, and a little scary.  

But eventually, I cleaned it up, and added in the flowers. At first I struggled with the roses.  Quite often my roses end up looking like female anatomy.  Perhaps I could become famous making statement pieces, but I'm just not feeling the need to paint clitori.

 I made the rabbit look more rabbit-like and less pig-like.  

I think my cherubs are too fat.  But that's too bad, I guess.  Next, I worked on the wrinkles.  I think I fixed the wrinkles pretty well.   But I've screwed up the torso on the cherub:

I'll have to work on fixing that next.