happy. quarantine.

i haven't been doing much with art since beginning my private practice in January. i've been making phone calls (oh, so many phone calls) to get approved by insurance companies...

...well, this is an art blog. so.

i discovered, or rediscovered, last week that there is a bi-weekly life drawing session at the art league, and showed up about 2 hours into it.  i made many spots on my schedule so that i could do this every friday morning. just me, some other artsy types, and a model.

the first session, on march 6, i squeezed into one of the few spaces left and managed to knock this out:

the next week i went to las cruces for my birthday, to play golf.

the next week, i was notified not after that the sessions were canceled until fall. so, no more figure drawing sessions at the league for now. Boo.