essential quarantine would make a good name for a rock band.

here it is, 2020. i'm now self-employed, and have more time to devote to art. i took a watercolor class earlier this year and i suck. so. bad. at that. i'm signed up for art history this summer at the local community college.

since we are essentially quarantined, my therapy practice has shifted to secure teletherapy online. in between sessions, i draw, or walk around my backyard (which opens up to open space and wilderness) or snack. (oops)

i'm ashamed to admit that i purchased a Hurion drawing tablet about 2 or 3 years ago and haven't touched it. at the same time, i installed SketchBook on my Mac mini (purchased in 2012, upgraded the memory in 2016)

this morning, took them out for the first time.  since i'm a little focused on food, here's my first effort:
Zazen No. 1
i call this zazen #1 because it's the beginning of a series of mundane objects i render whilst Himself is in the other room, participating in zazen via Zoom.  

i very much enjoyed doing this. i think this would be an excellent tool for planning paintings, allowing me to compare values and hues for effect. i had purchased a buttload of Copic sketch markers, so i'll be selling those on ebay, because i didn't care for using them.

The second one, below, was used more with different brushes within the Sketchbook app.  I think this will be handy for planning paintings.

Zazen No. 2
I'm looking for ways to be minimalist, and much of that revolves around digital applications, I think. I can at least, for now, use this for sketching indoors.