DIY non-leaking portable brush cleaning jar from canning jars

 I like the silicoil brush-cleaning jars.  I do.  However, I'm not over the moon about them.

  • They are not always leak-proof. When I travel, even if it's by car, I need more reassurance than that.
  • The design is somewhat in efficient in that I can't remove the coil.
  • I'm not 100% convince that the metal coil helps get the paint out from between the bristles as well as, say, a screen might.

And then last week, when I was making cold brew coffee with my favorite setup I got to thinking about what a great brush washer that would make, if only it wasn't a quart large.  The screen would allow me to scrub the brush bristles gently.  Also, I like to dip my palette scraper in there from time to time and there's no room to do that with the silicoil jar. I was also thinking about all the canning jars I have.  I even have silicone lids for a number of them. 

So, I purchased a very small cold-brew maker, one that fits into a pint or quart jar. 

I also purchased this small tea infuser, just for fun, to see if it would work in a 1/2 pint jar for travel.

I looked up information about how silicone might react with gamsol, and it turns out that it might just melt it.  So, I just used the lids that come with the jars. I have a million of these flat lids lying around.

Here's the result: 

The whole thing sits in a old stainless can bowl (sniff, I miss my kitties) to catch drops.

If I have any problems with it, I'll add to this post. So far, though, it's been over a month and it's working well.